Food Trucks in the Lansing area


Gaining Popularity: Food Trucks of Lansing

One of my favorite things that has become popular within food culture in recent years is the popularity of food trucks. Often these trucks offer trendy or unique foods that grab your attention. In the lansing area there are a few food trucks that have gained popularity.

Some of these are:

-El Oasis (Mexican)

-Purple Carrot(Organic cuisine)

-Eat at State(American)

-Trucking Good Food (BBQ)

El Oasis Food Truck, located on Michigan Avenue in Lansing, MI


Exploring what Michigan has to offer

As someone who is a self proclaimed “foodie” I really enjoy trying all the different restaurants, foodtrucks, etc. in Michigan. We are so lucky to live in such a culturally diverse state that has so many different kinds of food to offer. This blog will chronicle all the different places I go and enjoy in Michigan. ¬†Thanks for reading!